Pisces Zodiac Personality-Info

The Fishes

Water Sign


Once Pisces is reassured that you aren't trying to trick or fool them, they'll begin to open up to you in bits and pieces that you'll have to put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Just when you think you have the puzzle solved, they'll toss in another piece. You'll then realize that what you thought was going to be a picture of a mountain scene is really that of an ocean. This is the allure of Pisces, ethereal and other worldly. They’re never what they appears and yet more than you imagined.

You can't rush Pisces to reveal them inner secrets, and chances are they'll never reveal too much to anyone. They are a very complex person with a highly-developed intellect that you may get a small glimpse of on occasion. Pisces is elusive and dreamy. If you're lucky enough to get them cornered, you may be able to ask them a question or two, however, be prepared; this won't be easy. You'll probably end up frustrated over the yes or no responses. It's rare that Pisces will elaborate when approached this way. It's just them nature; you'll either learn to live with it, or it will turn it into an insurmountable obstacle in your relationship.

Physical Features

Their lips will tend to be full with a pursed or puckering quality, the jaw is generally weak or subdued, and in some people, there will be a tendency to double chin. The nose is generally small, the facial features will be rounded, especially the cheeks, which may be prominent in some way, reminding you of the gills of their zodiacal mascot. The eyes similarly, may appear to bulge with somewhat of a sleepy or dreamy expression, and in them you can get the distinct impression of wisdom, mystery or spiritual depth. For this reason, Pisces' eyes are perhaps the most beautiful in the entire zodiac. The neck is generally graceful, meeting at the shoulders with a certain smoothness of line. Most Pisceans are tall, with some short individuals.

Look for the liquid pattern. It sends the large, full eyes peering off in two directions. The heavy eyelids, nose and large lips seems saturated and unanchored. When Pisces' Mutable Waters wash over the face, the facial foundations shift and alter slightly -- as they change with the meandering currents.

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As the last sign in the zodiac, it's no wonder that Pisces has such individual depth. You may need to remind yourself that this sign has lived through each of the other eleven signs and has gained infinite wisdom and insight into not just the human side of life, but the spiritual side. A Pisces profile will reveal an extraordinary creature that seems otherworldly much of the time. In fact, you may often wonder if they are from another world. They have ideas and philosophies are wise beyond them years, yet on the surface, like water in a lake, you’d never suspect how deep those waters run.



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